Meditarrean flavor is Olivetto®

Let´s start talking about Mediterranean food: where it comes from, what are the ingredients and what is the element that gives that unique flavor? It comes from the countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea, this type of food has Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Greek and French flavors.

An important feature is its great variety because of the changing climate of the Mediterranean so you are always going to find different ingredients and combinations, unique form each region. But no doubt there is a special ingredient that will always go hand in hand with the Mediterranean food, the olive oil.

This is essential in the Mediterranean cuisine, not only because is one of the products with great abundance in the zone, but also because of the nutritional values and the taste that it gives to the dishes.

Based on its properties and benefits, we designed 3 new products that arrive to Olivetto® family, so you can take to the table the best of Mediterranean flavor.

Bolognese Sause Olivetto®

This traditional Italian sauce is made of extra virgin olive oil with 100% natural ingredients, pork and beef previously selected and fresh vegetables. No preservatives or conservatives added.

It’s time to try the Bolognese sauce Olivetto® with this delicious recipe:

Olive oil Olivetto® in spray

Olive oil 100% extra virgin obtained from the first cold-pressing. It’s easy to use according to the pressure: spray, jet or drip. It is ideal to season, roasting or sauté.

We have a recipe with olive oil Olivetto® Spray that you undoubtedly will do it at home:

Pomodoro olivetto® sauce

This delicious sauce is made of virgin olive oil with 100% natural ingredients and selected tomatoes. Does not contain preservatives.

Surprise your diners with the Mediterranean taste of the Pomodoro Olivetto® Sauce.
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