Know the 4 sportive trends that will motivate you to exercise in 2017

Alone or accompanied, of high demand or relaxing, the important thing is that you include sports in your life, not just because is in your purpose of the beginning of the year but of the benefits that the physical activity brings to your body.

The most important thing at the moment you start to practice any sport is to be constant and that you really enjoy it. You will see that when you create a rutine this will cease to be a purpose and it will converts into an habit that your body and mind are going to thank you.

To help you in the search of this sport or physical activity that snag you and allows you to accomplish your goals, we bring you some sportive trends that you can try in 2017.

Yoga at 40°c or Bikram Yoga


Yoga is a discipline that combines body and mind. This millenary practice has taken force since some years and it invites us to prove different ways of practice it. Today we are going to talk 2 specific types, Yoga at 40°C or Bikram Yoga and Fly Yoga. Modalities that certainly will take force in 2017.

Yoga at 40°c or Bikram Yoga

This type of Yoga consist in execute a set of asanas (Yoga movements) in a specific order inside a room heated in to a temperature that goes from 40°C to 42°C. Practice this modality will help you to burn calories, open your pores of the skin to clean it and oxygenate it, win flexibility, and increase your body resistance.

Fly Yoga

Fly Yoga

This modality mixes the classic movements of Yoga with some of gymnastics, dance, and acrobatics. One of the biggest advantages of this practice is the effect that it has in the metabolism of your organism, because it keeps it active, achieving a biggest caloric waste.

Kick boxing


This newfangled physical activity combines movements and techniques of Kick Boxing, traditional Karate, and aerobic routines. It practices with Boxing gloves, but without having contact with the adversary or with any training bag. Without a doubt this practice will fill you of adrenaline, and it will let you feel free from stress, and at the same time you will be training you whole body.



If your purpose for 2017 is to lose some pounds, tonify, and strengthen your body, practicing CrossFit is an excellent alternative.

More than a sporty practice it’s a program of conditioning that has as an objective, to reach physical capabilities like strength, velocity, coordination, muscular resistance, cardio respiratory resistance, flexibility, balance and agility.

The variety and intensity of its exercises has taken CrossFit to converts in one of the favorites physical activities in the world.

Important to remember

It doesn´t matter what type of physical activity or sport you choose, what´s most important is that you accompany with a good nutrition. Here we give you some feeding tips:

  1. Eat at least 5 times in the day: have breakfast, take a snack in the middle morning, take lunch, take another snack in the afternoon, and take dinner.
  2. Eat before you make exercise, this way you will have energy for your routine, you can eat before your routine Coconut Oil, this metabolizes the energy directly in our liver, allowing that the body uses the fat as a gas.
  3. Eat some protein after you exercise, it will help you to your body recovers.
  4. Keep a balance diet based on fruits, vegetables, grain, protein, fats, and carbohydrates. All in adequate portions.
  5. After, during, and before of all your physical activities keep a good hydration.